Aryasamaj marg, Outside Khambhalia Gate, Jamnagar - 361 005, Saurashtra (Gujarat) India

Appeal Donation for Ambulance

PUBLIC TRUST REG. NO. F-4 JAMNAGAR SOCIETY REGISTRATIONS 11(b)/80G(5)/19-21/10-11/1327-7-9-2011 Exempted 4/S 80-G(5) of Income Tax 1961 AddI. CIT- J.R.2, Jamnagar Valid From 01-04-2011 to Lifetime

Aryasamaj Jamnagar is a charitable organization and preaching for the up liftmen of the human being. It is running a free dispencery for the poor people we are maintaining a website which is sending the education of Vedic literature in the whole world – W e are mainting a Ambulance to carry the needy person to the hospital. This ambulance has become old and needa change for this noble cause if someone wants to donate to this organization to purchase the ambulance his donation will be exempted under Income tax Act

Activities of Aryasamaj jamnagar

Aryasamaj jamnagar

  1. Ved
  2. Vedic Sahitya Prachar / Prasar
    1. Website:
    2. Apps:  Aryasamaj Jamnagar
    3. Public Library Books, Periodical in GUJARATI, HINDI & ENGLISH
  3. Ved Based – Arya Principal Based Activities
    1. Yagna – For Clean Environment Daily 2 times
    2. 16 Sanskar as per vedas start from conception  of child to funeral
    3. Arya Virangana &Vir Dal Camps for Mental – Physical & Spiritual Training to Youth.
    4. Lecture of Learned Saints for Spiritual & religious awareness.
    5. Reading of VED based books & periodicals. 
  4. Education
    1. Girls Education Since 1947, Starting  from Lower KG to 12th Std. on the Principal of Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati’s Vedic mission at present strength of Girl students 2500.
    2. Celebrating Cultural Programmes  for National & Other Festivals
  5. Social & Humanative cause
    1. Dispensary for All Since 1950
    2. Manav Rahat to needy at the time epidemics viz. Earthquake, Cyclone, Heavy Rain, Drought.
    3. Yagna for Active disease like Swine flu and Parjanya (Vrusti)Yagna,  for Rain fall.
    4. Medical Equipment help to needy like Oxygen Cylinder, Folding bed, Wheel Chair, Walker, Urine pot, Air Bed etc.
    5. Medical Checkup Camp.
    6. Social Activities against Addiction & Tobacco, Alcohol etc.
    7. Funeral of Dead body with VEDIC MANTROCHAR received from M.P. Shah Medical College- Jamnagar (Dead Bodies received by Medical College for Medical Study  by medical students after completion of their research work)

You are most welcome to the Aryasamaj Jamnagar to purchase the new ambulance for the purpose of public.

Ambulance Service Results of our efforts Arya Samaj Jamnagar constantly active in the fields of

After making your generous contribution please inform us so that we can issue the receipt and also thank you for your contribution.

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Outside Khambhalia Gate,
Aryasamaj Marg,
Jamnagar 361 005
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E-mail : [email protected]
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